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VA SPOTLIGHT: Gracina of

TELL US A LITTLE BIT OF YOURSELF: Hi! I am Gracina Estrella – Cabanog, and I am a Blogger and a Virtual Assistant. I work from home while I take care of my two adorable kids! I love the beach and eating seafoods when I get the time to. I believe that we moms can …

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WordPress or Blogger? Which is best for monetization

To answer the question about which one is better for monetization, we should ask first whether which is the better platform for your blog and which platform would generate the best traffic. This answer is easy, WordPress. WordPress is and has been the go-to site for blogs and websites for many years now. Bloggers and …

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Leveraging Social Media Marketing for your Business

Businesses have taken into consideration of using the power of online marketing, traditional marketing, and network marketing among others in order to attract, convert and retain new customers. What do network marketing, online business marketing, and traditional businesses have in common? They all need more leads that convert into customers. Being an entrepreneur in today’s …

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